Does Sun Rays Causes Wrinkles

Does Sun rays causes Wrinkles ? Yes its true, the sun rays causes wrinkles. Sitting in the sun can make you feel completely relaxed, happy and be very addictive. It brings more pleasure than sitting in a cold dark shaded spot and can instantly lift our mood, making us feel motivated to complete our daily tasks.

How does the sun cause wrinkles exactly?

Skin cells exposed to UVA rays ( ultra violet rays)  from the sun result in the production of the protein Progerin ( Condition called progeria) which damages skin, adding 3 years onto the age of skin. The skin undergoes natural ageing regardless of sun exposure, but it’s the sun that will speed up its ageing process. So there are a number of factors contributing to wrinkles, and the sun is just one of the factors.

Which Sun Creams to use ?

Sitting in the sun should be kept to a minimum to avoid over exposure to its invisible harmful rays. When it omits such a powerful source of energy, we should always take time out to purchase the right sun creams for our skin and then also apply it before leaving the house.  Moisturiser with added UV radiation protection are also a win win product in providing hydration to your skin, coupled with reducing wrinkles.

With more choices of sun creams available than ever, sourcing one without chemicals should certainly be a priority. Parabens are a common chemical found in many household cosmetics to prolong its shelf life. However there are companies that are increasingly producing cosmetics without paragons to suit the chemical conscious consumers. Whether you prefer a spray or cream, or one that smells of greek honey or almonds, you are sure to find a favourite brand that works for you.

Applying sun cream at the regular intervals will maintain its protection levels and reduce the risk of skin cancer. One application is not enough if you plan to spend all day outdoors even under a sun umbrella.

Prevent Crow’s Feet

Wrinkles around the delicate eye area (crow’s feet) can be a cause of sun exposure, which is why it makes sense to protect the eyes with a good pair of sunglasses that specify that they offer UVA / UVB Protection on the label. 99% and 100% protection is ideal and should also be stated somewhere on the packaging.

The right shape of sunglasses can make a huge impact on the welfare of your eyes and the delicate skin on the sides. Wraparound frames offer the best protection as they block the light rays all around. Larger sunglasses give a smaller chance of UV rays from entering the skin tissue. Ideally your sunglasses should make you feel comfortable and you should enjoy wearing them.

Invest in a Suitable Sun Visor

Other ways to block out the skin include wearing appropriate sunblock clothing. Wearing a sunhat or sun visor can block sun rays from having direct penetration with your facial skin. A sun umbrella near your sun bed is better than no umbrella and resort staff are always more than happy to set up one for you. Driving with the sun on the side of the face is another common habit drivers put up with. Most cars come with sun visors that can be positioned on the side window too and this is important to stop prolonged exposure to the sun on a hot summers day.

Summers days are a luxury in cold countries and even though it may feel like your soaking up your years worth of vitamin D, sun rays will cause 80% of wrinkles. Protecting your skin can make it 10 years younger than if you don’t.

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