Macrolane And It’s Effect For Breast Enhancement


Macrolane is a gel compound made up of non-animal hyaluronic acid and it is sometimes used as an alternative to breast augmentation surgery in Europe. The results of Macrolane treatments on breasts are rather modest, usually enlarging the breasts by one cup size. Injection needles used in the procedure are large.The procedure has drawn criticism since its long term effects are unknown.

The idea of injecting substances into the breast is not new. Silicone, (out of the drum), was injected into women in Korea during the war as they desired larger breasts to attract the American G.I.’s. The result was crippling scarring and contracture that often needed formal mastectomy and reconstructive surgery to correct.

Fat for breast augmentation has also been tried decades ago and was a failure. Cysts, seromas, necrosis, and scarring occurred. Arguably worse, fat can calcify in the breast. Calcifications on mammogram are cancer until proven otherwise. Many women had biopsies or even mastectomies because of this. Some plastic surgeons with extensive experience in fat transplantation have a renewed interest in a limited fashion, and so there are some ongoing studies.

This breast screening interference, (especially on mammograms), continued to be an issue as time went on. 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer.

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